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We know the way ...

Specialization in the field of law is one of our highest goals


We know the way...

Easy and quick access to specialized legal services is one of the ways to realizing judicial justice . Since the beginning of the glorious Islamic Revolution, considerable efforts have been made , but sometimes non-expert services are provided by non-specialized advisers and advocates of justice prolongs the hearing. Certainly, professional judgment, Specialized advocacy and specialized consultation on legal issues, in addition to improving service quality, will have resulted in reduction in the length of proceedings and a reduction in the number of cases brought to the judiciary system. In order to promote the culture of legal expertise and professional advocacy in the community's legal environment, and in particular the prsentation of specialized legal consultation and to defense of the rights of the people by expert attorneis in 2008, a number of Islamic Iranian scholar lawyers with the concern of raising and improving the judicial and specialized indicators in the country, start to collecting and Analyzing legal data and absorption the ideas of elite lawyers, somehow that in this way in addition to conducting more than fifty specialized workshops by legal celebrities and with the cooperation of a group of the most reputed and experienced lawyers of the country, experts also with the cooperation of the country's academic elites, The foundation of the Dehkadeh Sefid was done for everyone s access to the legal services, in a specialized and thematic way as a private and non-governmental entity to take a major step in the legal community of Iran by taking into consideration the commands of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution. The main structure of the Dehkadeh Sefid includes: Dehkade Sefid School, Public Relations Club and cyber Club, Club for Excellence and Intellectual growth, Specialized departments Club, International Law Center, Dehkadeh Sefid Arbitration Town, Legal Immergency, Fair house and Judicial Assistance
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